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Waterfalls in Toxaway

There are over 260 waterfalls in these mountains, more than anywhere else in the East. And perhaps nowhere are they better concentrated, or more majestic, than in Transylvania County, home to some 200 of them. (For a virtual tour, go to www.visitwaterfalls.com .)

Here you'll find Whitewater Falls, which, at 411 feet, is not only considered the highest cascade East of the Rockies; it's also one of America's    more accessible waterfalls. Also providing easy access are Looking Glass Falls, which plummets 65 feet and measures 35 feet across; as well as Sliding Rock, which in the summer acts as a natural waterslide.

Of course, some of the most enchanting falls in these parts are the ones you'll find far off the beaten path. Some of these have lyrical-soundingnames like White Owl, Turtleback, Upper Bear Wallow, Toxaway and Connestee. Others sound more fun-loving like Laughing Falls, Merry Falls and Slippery Witch.

What is it that so powerfully draws us to these spectacles? For one thing, being in their presence is actually therapeutic. As Mark Morrison writes in his book Waterfall Walks and Drives of the Great Smoky Mountains and Western Carolinas, "They emit negative ions which counteract our stressful, positive ions."

Another attraction for many people may be their haunting musicality. Or for those with a poetic or theological cast of mind, maybe they provide a taste of what bards like Wordsworth and Coleridge referred to as "the sublime"; or what Celtic mythology describes as "thin places" - spots where the visible and invisible worlds seem to melt into one another.

Whether it's the tenor, baritone or basso profundo sounds of the waterfalls; the thousand blended notes of the songbirds; the persistent thrumming of the pileated woodpeckers; or the crackling leaves under majestic trees, they're all really trying to tell you just one simple thing: "You're invited to visit us at the Cabins at Seven Foxes."

Horseback Riding!

Our wonderful mountains offer a wide range of recreational sports, some more strenuous than others but everyone can enjoy the beautiful trails and wonderful mountain vistas and still enjoy an adventure they'll always remember.
Visit Whitewater Equestrian Center just down the road and near the Whitewater Falls. It's a great activity for the kids!