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Marilyn Krone, owner of a home in the Lake Toxaway Estates, was shown a property by a local real estate agent back in the summer of 2000. Intrigued by its possibilities, she invited one of her Atlanta friends, Sandra Baldwin, to check it out with her after she had invited her to join her to the lake and to attend a concert at the Biltmore Estates. Blindly but with confidence they both saw the property and said “Why, not! Let’s give it a try.” They put in a contract in the fall of 2000 and opened their doors to the public in June 2001.



Since Sandra spends most of her spare time if not

in Atlanta, then at her Florida residence, Marilyn bought out her share in October 2008, so now is the sole proprietor.  Marilyn volunteered and chaired lots of events for the Atlanta Ballet, Senior Citizens Services, New Leash on Life for rescue pets and various other non-profit organizations in Atlanta.  With her talents and organizational abilities, Marilyn keeps up with the

trends and brings flair to the mountains.  She is a part time resident of Lake Toxaway and has a primary home in Atlanta.  She was ready for the challenge of a new adventure starting the company, Marisand Ventures LLC.  Marilyn's tastes and creative eye for design has built a comfortable, fun retreat. Tucked in the woods are five relaxed cabins, each with their own character.  "We knew we wanted a wildlife theme for the property," explains Marilyn Krone.  So adopted was the raccoon, bear, squirrel, fox and deer as personalities for the cabins.


The name was a very important issue. Mr. Smith, a local resident commented,” I saw a bank of seven foxes basking in the sun over there just the other day”. When Marilyn relayed this to Sandra recalling a former favorite restaurant called the Frog and the Owl in Franklin, NC, suggesting the Fox and the Deer, Sandra came back and said “No, let’s call it the Seven Foxes”. So Seven Foxes it became.


Linda and Bill Bergamini, Property Managers, started a year after its operation. They are the ultimate caretakers and mother hen the property with loving care. They give each other the “honey do” lists and do it all from reservations to renovations. This allows Marilyn to run all of the financial, marketing and advertising out of herr Atlanta residence and her frequent visits. Linda’s friendly voice greets each guest when they call in. She is also a wizard at the computer and returns the many e-mail inquiries and pays attention to every detail to the customers needs. Bill does all of the rest – repairs, upkeep on the grounds and loves working in the woods and creating new things for guests to do. He has cut many new walking trails, creating fun things along the way and also cares over the newly renovated rock garden waterfall at Frog Pond. Most recently added, a family swing area and gem mine area.


Atlanta friend and artist, Kathryn Arnett, helped appoint some details to the décor. She has loved the area so much that has continued on to decorate many other projects in the area. So the team is impeccably particular to every detail in their concern for every guests needs for a relaxing and enjoyable stay while at the cabins.



The real charm of Seven Foxes is composed of a perfect play between old and new. The Bear Cave cabin was even featured in New Old House by Ed Knapp. His company, Vintage Beams and Timber in Sylva, NC provided all of the vintage wood and tin for Bear Cave’s floors and walls. Local flea markets and antique shops have come to appreciate the energy that has been put into collecting just the right "finds”. Guests are treated to an ingenious style of interior decorating  that compliments the rustic appeal of the property.


The crown of the five cabins, now called Deer Lodge, was still under construction when the property was first viewed. Sitting at the top, this deluxe 1200-square-foot house has a king-sized bed in the upstairs bedroom and twin beds downstairs. Raccoon Loft is a charming A-frame with a bedroom on the lower level and upstairs loft. Bear Cave and Squirrel Nest each features two bedrooms on one level. Fox Hole is a split-level with a bedroom and a sleeper sofa in the living room.

With the last pictures hung and drapes arranged, the owners greeted their family, friends and guests at their grand opening on Friday, June 8, 2001. They imagined family reunions at Seven Foxes with each enjoying their private cabin while congregating at the well-appointed Deer Lodge. Relishing in the serenity of the woods, the purity of the creek and the playfulness of the neighboring barnyard animals were all a vision that has and now become a reality.